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Music Therapy e-Outreach 

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

The Harp Therapy Outreach Program offers harp and music instruction to at-risk youth and students with mental, intellectual and physical disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome, and other emotional and neurological disorders.

This life-transforming experience not only provides students healthy social interactions with their peers, but also results in clinically documented improvements in behavior and occupational motor skills. This innovative program utilizes the harp and music instruction to develop musical, psychosocial, and physical skills in children and youth, enabling them to build life and social skills and develop friendships and peer groups that otherwise would be difficult to acquire.

Mentors benefit through experiencing a viable application of their music study, giving them direction and strengthening their chances for a college education or career in music.

In addition to peer mentors, the program includes a professional harpist/educator, music therapist and occupational therapist. A weekly evaluation tool measures the efficacy of the harp as a therapeutic tool. Progress in musical, psychosocial and physical goals continues to be recorded.

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