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Curriculum Program Overview

In support of the New Age Owls' mission, our International-based curriculum with American Curriculum and UK Curriculum courses for students from 12 years onwards.  We are focused on “teaching for the future”, we consistently develop new courses and encouraging students participant on extracurricular activities, laying a solid foundation for our students' lifelong development.

New Age Owls online high school offers a challenging academic curriculum with a wealth of opportunities for advanced learning, including the  AP courses, and A-level courses. We ensure an individualized learning experience by providing all students with a personal timetable and highly selective courses. Furthermore, the meticulously designed music activity curriculum provides programs and events such as OWLS' talent day and Global Citizen Day.  With the addition of clubs, competitions, and talent shows, we believe that our students will grow in 4 dimensions: Virtues & Values, Knowledge & Skills, Practice & Innovation, and Music Talents. The high school educational activity curriculum and academic curriculum work in unison to contribute to the personal and life-long development of every student.  

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)--UK

The Cambridge IGCSE a preparation for the Cambridge International A-Levels.  Assessment ranges from written to oral tests, as well as practical exams and coursework. Students get to choose from a range of different subjects. The final results are assessed using internationally-recognised A* to G grades. The exam papers are all marked centrally in the UK.

The Cambridge IGCSEs give you the freedom to choose a course of study that is right for you. Your chosen subjects should fit with your career goals or plans for further education.

Additional fees will be incurred for more than core modules intake on both middle school and high school. 


Cambridge International A-levels (Advanced Level)—UK

The Cambridge International A-Level (Advanced Level) is a subject-based qualification established by examination boards in the United Kingdom.  Obtaining an A-Level is generally required for university entrance, with universities granting offers based on grades achieved.  Cambridge International A-Levels generally take 12 to 24 months to complete.  (intense program to regular program).   Students who intends to study in the United Kingdom with determination in minds of university entrance major.  Cambridge A-level (4 core modules  are required to graduate for none-music academy students; and 3 core modules + a music module for Music Academy Students )

Additional fees will be incurred for more than core modules intake on both middle school and high school.


Please refer to latest update catalogue via our admission team.   

Advance Placement Program - New Age Owls Online High School Capstone Program

Combination of  US college board 4 Advance Placements  and New Age Owls in house 2 research project based related to 4 core AP modules.  This  are designed for our in house students who intends to challenges themselves in this Participating in an AP course required a greater degree of self-discipline, and more in-depth study.  It prepares students for necessary skills such as writing skills, problem-solving abilities, time management skills, discipline, and study habits to excel at their universities’ journey and life while encouraging risk taking and life-long learning. (6 core modules are required to graduate for none-music academy students;  and 5 core modules + a music module for Music Academy Students)


Additional fees will be incurred for more than core modules intake on both middle school and high school.

Enrollment Options for part time or one course of AP and Cambridge A-level: 

Part Time

Intend to learn some courses that aren’t available at your current school, or need additional review notes from different perspective experiences scholars.   New Age Owls provides online tuition, crush courses, and summer programs that catering to your individual needs.  These Flexi part time courses are:

  1. Individual AP courses for 2021 AP examinations (6 hours per week by our Scholars, and Ph.D faulty.)

    1. 6 months intensive crash courses are open for enrolment in November 2020 till May 2021. 

    2. 1:15 Small class Lecturer and assistant lecturer to student ratio.

    3. Cater to Home-school students; and students who need additional help.

    4. Total tuition fees is each course is $1800 of 144 hours.

  2. Individual A-level course (2 hours per week by our Scholars and experienced teachers with Master Degree)

    1. 1:15  Small Class Per Group (open all year round

    Please refer to enquiry form for our latest course catalogue. 

How Online School Works

Learn more about how students go to school in a dynamic, robust online environment.

Students at NAOHS go to school online using our robust learning management system that hosts online courses and course management tools for students and teachers.  Students use the LMS to:

  • Access their courses

  • Take assessments

  • Review grades

  • Manage their course schedule

  • Interact with peers in online community

How Class Sessions Work

All NAOHS classes are conducted using a combination of lessons that students complete on their own schedule LMS , and "live" teacher-led online classes in “Meet”—the combinations may vary based on the course.

Students utilize our rich, challenging, and engaging online  LMS- for reading, activities, assessments, and videos, as well as synchronous “live” sessions conducted by the teacher at predefined times. Many of these sessions are recorded so that students can “attend” if they miss a session, or review all or part again, if needed.

Flagships to these synchronous sessions is the online classroom software our teachers use, which includes a whiteboard for live online instruction, split multi-student discussion and collaboration groups, and space for instructional slides, as well as file and video sharing. This technology enables teachers and students to conduct a live virtual discussion as if they were in a physical classroom. 

Our faculty members also use this online classroom for office hours, tutorials, one-on-one sessions, as well as for conferences.  New Age Owls online school offers virtual clubs available to all students, as well as social activities on a bimonthly basis via this cutting edge technology platform.  In addition, A learning coach will be provided for each full time enrolment students to support and guide these students stay on task through digital educational endeavor. 

E-Educational Endeavour Symposium

Entering either a digital educational school or an on-line school with instructor are both can be a difficult transition.  The Digital Educational Symposium Middle and High School programs blend a robust on-line learning introduction with help in establishing academic, social, and emotional skills to best prepare students for success in middle school, high school, and beyond.  Students meet in on-line classrooms with their Mentor instructors and classmates and build a sense of community and companionship as well as essential skill sets. The Digital Educational Endeavour Symposium Middle School program is composed of two, consecutive year-long seminars. 

College Academic Advising

Each full time student of New Age Owls receives a Personalized Academic Plan (PAP) and intensive, personalized college counseling and planning from day 1 of enrolment.  Our counselors work with each student to develop his or her own Personalized Academic Plan (PAP), with carefully layout his or her strengths and weaknesses, personalized learning strategies that reflects assessments of skills, and future goals, including discussions with the student. This plan becomes a living document that is revisited frequently as each student progresses on each semester. 

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