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Student Clubs 

Student paper? Yearbook? Service Learning? Clubs at NAOOHS are a great way to pursue interests and make new friends.

Student –Led, Teacher -Facilitated

We provide ample of platforms to encourage energetic students who share similar passions to initiate and to lead clubs.  Teachers’ role will facilitate and moderate clubs activities. 

Students gather in a secure and inviting online environment where they discuss and explore topics that interest them, all under the guidance of a teacher. Such interactions result in the development of life-long friendships and create a strong community among our diverse student body. These clubs may meet once to twice a month at a predefined date and time.

Clubs also provide leadership opportunities. There is no limit to the number of clubs a student can join, and we encourage our students to take a leadership role in one or more of these clubs.


School Clubs Listing:

The New Age Owls Student Newspaper and Yearbook

Sponsor – Ms. Winsky


Young Investor Society

Sponsor - Mr. Feng

                  Mr. Chin

                  Mr. Sundar


Math Lab

Sponsor – Mr Yangzhi; Mr. Terrance and Mr. Yenden


Debate Club

Sponsor –Mrs. Chin


Chemistry Club

Sponsor – Mr. Meng; Mr. Xi


Peer Mentor & Leader Program

Sponsor –  Mr. Chin; Mr. Hannan

String Club (Cello and Violin)

Sponsor -Ms. Grushynska; Mr. Andreii

Harp Club

Sponsor --Mr. Lee


Sponsor--Mr. Xi, Mr. RuthChild

Medical Club

Sponsor --Mr. Hannan; Mr. Xi

Sport Club

Sponsor--Mr. Li; Mr. Mills

Youth Orchestra Club

Sponsor--Mr. Nic; Mr. Adam 

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